About Me

Always be learning…

Hi there! My name is Tosin and I am the guy on the other side of your screen, typing away at my keyboard day and night, trying my best to capture the thoughts expressed here in a way that’s pleasurable for you to read and also easy for you to understand. So even though we may never have met before, I feel honored to have you here.

I have always believed that embracing a life of continuous growth and development is one of the keys to unlocking our true potential and living the life of our dreams.

But for a very long time, that belief didn’t produce real action and so even though many years had passed since I first learned about the power of reading and personal development, I could see that I was still far away from living the life I had dreamed of and having the success I hoped to achieve.

I couldn’t go on deceiving myself! I needed to sit down and tell myself the hard truth. Here’s the summary of what I told myself: “Tosin, if you are serious about living up to your true potential and living the life you have dreamed of and know is possible, you’d have to do things differently. You’d have to overcome procrastination, work harder, read more, eat better, exercise more regularly, embrace discomfort more, develop more useful skills, and just be an all round better person. Only then do you have a chance of seeing your dreams become reality.”

My Journey…

So I have started to read more to learn how to be more disciplined, how to overcome procrastination, how to discover the skills I am really interested in learning and how to acquire them, how to motivate myself to work harder, how to develop quality relationships, how to embrace a healthier lifestyle, how to be a more confident person, how to change the limiting beliefs and erroneous mindsets that have been keeping me stuck and going around in circles in my business and personal life the last few years. And this time, I am truly committed to taking action!

This blog is like a personal journal where I’m keeping an account of the things I am learning, what changes I am committing to make happen and how the overall journey is going. I invite you to join me on this journey if you find this blog helpful in some way.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you more!

To Our Success,